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Judged by urban outdoor LED display industry development
New Time:2010/8/13 8:59:24

Nowadays, our life in such a modern metropolis, driving the bustling city streets, or walk in outdoor LED display everywhere. Global famous market research authority Nielsen outdoor led display called the TV, computer, mobile phone after the "fourth screen". "The fourth screen" for urban development, the people living in close contact with how?

Outdoor media is injected new elements of information era

Outdoor advertising is all advertising media, and the elder city people's economy, culture and life, it is not only the media, information, or urban dynamic development of true symbol. These accumulated the outdoor media irreplaceable precious wealth. Contemporary urbanite to adapt the fast rhythm of gradually lifestyle, the deluge of information, so that the traditional outdoor advertising, such as stars, lighting, flags, etc, due to the use of conditions such as single display mode can arouse people's attention, can completely satisfy the market demand. With the application of new technology, new forms of outdoor advertisements are constantly emerging, outdoor full-color LED display media is in such a realistic background was born.

Full-color LED display is in the 1990s in global rapidly develop new information media, can rapid development, not by the fierce market competition, and ultimately have the following:

First, it combines modern technology, energy-saving, environmental protection, bright color, can show the dynamic picture and text, visual range wide screen, large area and visual effect and so on a series of shock. Second, the LED display advertising media of high efficiency, and television, newspapers and other media advertising forms, the price is lower. This makes the LED display media undoubtedly become outdoor media. Third, the LED display media and traditional media, the outdoor media such as TV concurrently properties and advantages of extension, it not only but with more creative space and the broader consumer space-time interaction and communication with the stereo space, can satisfy personalized needs. Fourth, outdoor LED display various media forms of media and other complementary, blends, three-dimensional space for advertisers, thus maximum media integration of spacetime.

Outdoor LED display preempted resource problems frequently

As the market analysis, sharp insight LED display, outdoor advertising media of high expectations by most people. That the scale of the media company, ranging from all began to obtain resources, seizes the market, expect to maximize eat a cake.

However, the "brain", also caused many problems. Outdoor LED display for capital demand huge media, such as no capital strength, it is difficult to rapid expansion in trade and sustainable development. The financial crisis sweeping the globe, local enterprises is hard to resist losses, advertising budget enterprise inevitably, some funds originally, or not to get into the capital LED display media companies face capital chain rupture serious results, etc.

In the fierce market competition, the inevitable trend is advanced years, outdoor LED display in each stage of development of the media will be eliminated a company. Surviving in the market is with commercial mode innovation, product quality pass of the strong. As the TV, computer, mobile phones and emerging media form after the LED display, outdoor media industry need attention more realistic demand, invest more energy and strength to construction industry standards and r&d independent LED display technology innovations.

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